Valerie Stauffer


The Surfer

The Surfer is a feminist noir set in present-day Maui

Recently dumped, broke, and resentfully aimless, Megan McCoy has slunk to Maui to write restaurant reviews for a tiny newspaper in Lahaina. But after she finds the murdered body of a local activist, she becomes the unwilling mediator of an existential competition between rival developers, the victim’s environmentalist brother, and her suspicion that whomever she trusts or mistrusts, she’s screwing it up somehow.

As in any proper noir, a cast of suspects are trotted out: the victim’s fearsomely beautiful girlfriend, the drunken captain of a whale-watching boat, a happily cynical native Hawaiian self-made millionaire, the victim’s own brother, Megan’s exasperatingly rich uncle, and a blushing financial analyst who prefers his steaks safely well done.