Valerie Stauffer


Quick Turns

When Lucy Carmichael races down snowy mountain trails, she forgets everything but skiing. She's as fearless on the slopes as she is shy in the real world. At thirteen, she proves herself by winning a gold medal that will qualify her for the Vermont States Championship, but the victory comes at a personal cost to both Lucy and to Zoe Heller.  Zoe, Lucy's rival on the ski team, suffers a serious head injury. Lucy, who was responsible for Zoe's fall, must deal with the consequences.

Then Lucy discovers the downside of competition. She enrolls in Moose Mountain Ski Academy where she must live and train for the States with the "best of the best." Zoe's pale face and eyes, filled with pain, haunt Lucy's every run.

Coach Fuerst, Lucy's instructor and mentor, calls Lucy "a terror on the slopes," but Lucy believes she is "the Wimp" that Zoe labels her.

Lucy must confront challenges of gaining popularity with her peers, the obligations of responsibility to Zoe, and her determination to be a champion skier.